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The Old King is gone.

Some say he passed peacefully in his bed, others insist a terrible illness overtook him in the end. Elsewhere come whispers of foul-play. Many rumours have it the Old King is still alive, secreted far away, or glimpsed wandering the wilderness at night, wild-eyed and quite mad.

Regardless, the Old King is gone and the Kingdom’s crown has lain unclaimed and unworn for too long.


In his wake four heirs have emerged to seize  the crown, each leading a faction of their own.

The Clans, united, have taken to the waves.

The Nobility fortify their ancient stones.

The Uprising hope to end the unbroken royal line.

The Gathering grow, just beyond the lights and walls.

The Old King’s Crown is a

2 - 4 player card game of

royalty, rebels and ruses . 


The Old King’s Crown is a card game for 2-4 players, where you play as heirs to a vacant throne, vying for control of an ancient, overgrown kingdom. Wield unique abilities and leverage your followers’ traits to best outwit your opponents across a map that stretches from the teetering heights of the castle to the dappled light of the necropolis.


As leader of your faction you will be staking claims with pawns openly as well as positioning your forces in secret, hoping to claim the locations that best fit your designs. However, you better keep an eye on your rivals, as they too have agents and agendas, poised to undo your best laid plans.


Royalty, rebels or ruses.

What kind of crown will you wear?

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